Lemon Drops Spray Wax Drying Agent

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Final Dilution of this product is in the range of 1/200.  
It can be injected through a chemical feed pump, or diluted through a Hydrominder and then drawn up
through a Demo injector.  A good starting point through a 51 Hydominder is either a
blue or tan tip and further injected 8-12 oz. per car.  At this rate approximately 1/2 oz.
of spray wax per vehicle will be applied.  
If you are using a model 550 Hydrominder use either a black or beige tip.  Again, further inject 8-12 oz per car.  When using a
chemical feed pump, a good starting point is approximately 1/2 oz per car.  As with
many spray waxes, summer use is more diluted than winter.

Also Available in 30 and 55 Gallons.

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